I drink from the chalice.


Tiefling, Thief, Robber of Clothes, merciless robber of the elderly.

Asset Acquisitor/Rogue for Shots Fired Guild & Co.


My mother was raped by my father, who then abandoned her. I do not know much about my father but my mother was human. As I was growing up my mother was always depressed, she would always look at me with dim eyes as if I reminded her of a huge mistake she had made, and even if she never said it verbally I still felt the pain. Despite all of this my mother tried her best to be a kind and caring mother, but when I grew up to be about eight years old when my mother committed suicide. By then I already had all the trademarks of a tiefling, the horns, tail, and the scales. My appearance had caused a lot of controversy with the townsfolk I lived around. No one would take me in their home; no one would even share their meal with a tiefling like me, so I took to the life of being a thief. One day, as I was looking around to steal my next meal I noticed a good smell coming from a shack. That is when I decided what my next target would be. I successfully broke into the house and quickly took what I could, but I could not resist the temptation of taking a bit of whatever was cooking. That was the moment when I was caught and much to my surprise my witness to my crime caught me. He was a tiefling just like me; he looked about 35 years old, and had sharp horns. His eyes were a murky green and his skin was a crimson color. The man looked at me and asked me for my age and asked what I was doing. I, of course, responded and told him exactly what I was up to because I felt as if I could get away with anything at the time. Instead of turning me to the authorities, he told me if I was going to steal I should do it right, and began to lecture me. I was confused as to why he was lecturing me instead of turning me in, maybe he felt some sympathy for since I was a tiefling just like me or maybe it was because I looked all alone. Whatever the case was it did not matter because the man would be eventually be my mentor and teach me more about our ancestry. His name was Ventus and he taught me how to fight, steal, and how to be light on my feet. Ventus once told me he knew my father but he never did tell me anything else. As I got older he introduced me to an associate of his. It was an elf named Zachary. He looked just as shady as Ventus did. Ventus then explained that he was a part of an organization called Latros, which was essentially a thief guild. Ventus seemed to be one of the higher ups and showed me how the organization worked. Zachary, the elf, was the very close to Ventus and seemed to be the leader of Latros. After a few years I eventually became initiated in the ranks of Latro and became lieutenant. Soon after, I left Ventus and set out on my own, still keeping in touch with him and the Latros. I found myself in Aldbridge, where a rebellion was about to occur. As soon as I found out about the rebellion it was too late the escape from the city. I had to choose a side and found myself on the rebels’ side thinking that I could loot any of the nobles if I got the chance. This was a huge mistake and lead to my capture and got myself thrown into a dungeon with a dragonborn, a drow, and a wizard of sorts.

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