Leston Maluon

I cast burning spray on the dragon.


Elf, Sorcerer, Obsessed with Dragons.

Resident Artifact Identifier/Spellcaster for Shots Fired Guild & Co.


How he was born? Leston had never been told. Through his upbringing he had lived with a guardian that wasn’t necessarily his father, but served as one well enough. The only thing Leston knows of his birth is that he had been bathed in Dragon’s Blood upon arrival. Cidal, Leston’s guardian, had told him of this story. Cidal explains that Leston had been gifted to him and knows nothing else of his birth. From a small town known as Winterhaven, Leston was one among the local sage. As a Draconic Sorcerer, he vowed to himself the task of slaying dragons of evil, and making commends with those that are peaceful. Leston isn’t necessarily the silent type, but he does often stay in the back of crows to watch and learn what others do. It is often that he is considered the best for detective work considering his intuition. There had been a recent night where Leston had a dream that changed his overall goal. In this dream, he noticed a Dragonborn standing in front of a pool of fire. This Dragonborn addresses the citizens and remarks their “time has come”. Through the pool of fire, a claw emerges that resembles that of an evil beast. Awakening the the next morning, Leston decided to head towards this place known as Nentir Vale, considering the Dragonborn in his dream had addressed such a location. On his adventure he manages to find an artifact called a wyrmspike. In a cave located in Fallcrest, this artifact had been found after his vigorous fights. Shortly after making his way around town, he talked to citizens who then found him his new destination. He described this pool of fire to people, and they understood that his vision could be found in front of the Temple of Moradin in Hammerfast. What seems like a short journey may end up becoming the biggest adventure of his life.

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Leston Maluon

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